Parasite. The Park's House

Hi! Michael here!

I'm a 3d artist from Ukraine with more than 10 years of experience in architectural visualization.
In few words, my main principle is not wasting our life working on routine and usual things. Hundreds of artists, thousands of visualizations… but only a few look unique and special, and can’t leave you different. If you are a 3d artist, try to put your heart and soul in what you create, and you will be delighted with the result.

So, I'm very excited to share my recreation of Park’s house from Parasite with you. It's the world-famous movie by Bong Joon Ho, the winner of the 4th Academy Awards. To my mind, it’s one of the greatest movies I’ve ever seen, especially if we are talking about Park’s house design.

The idea to recreate the whole house in 3d came to me suddenly after movie watching two month ago. I was really inspired by the house design, and would like to build such one for myself. Why not? As a first step, now I have the detailed 3d model of it!
One of the main features is that in real life the Park’s house doesn’t exist, so I’ve used hundreds of screenshots from the movie, photo references, posts from Instagram of actors etc. to recreate the house in 3d.It was a real challenge to find the original furniture pieces, Korean designers who produced furnishings and created artworks used in the movie. Also, I didn’t have any dimensions of the building, so I’ve started to create my model from calculating the tiles on photos by estimating their size and so on. The process of the modeling was like picking up puzzles with many unknowns. I’ve double checked some constructive elements from different photos in the Internet.

Parasite. The Park's House. 3ds Max scene on Marketplace!

Scene overview:
The Parasites’s house was created by using 3ds Max and Corona renderer. The Parasite scene includes the unique 3d models of chairs, tables, torcheres and other furniture by Korean designer Bahk Jong Sun. The paintings from Seung Mo Park decorate the house walls. For the environment I've used trees and plants from Maxtree collections. The Parasite scene doesn’t include the exterior environment and Maxtree assets. Also many thanks for Quixel for their great assets! In Parasite folder you will find all info about Megascans assets used in the scene, so you can easily find all of them in Quixel Bridge. Megascans textures are not included.

I have pretty powerful workstation so to have better final result I’ve used such extreme values as 0.5 for Displacement Screen size (px), 1-2% for Noise level limit. I recommend you to change these parameters depending on your configuration. In project folder you’ll also find the main Parasite scene in two 3ds Max versions (2018 and 2021) and separated scene with high poly decor.

Plugins used: Floor Generator, Bercon Maps, Multi Texture, Quad Chamfer.

In Parasite 3d scene you can find all unique lightning, frame buffer, materials and rendering settings. Also, buying the scene you will get 26 final renders and few psd with postproduction workflow, camera raw filter actions for Photoshop etc. So, don’t loose your chance to get the first detailed 3d scene ever of the whole Park’s house from Parasite by Bong Joon Ho great movie!

If you'll have any questions feel free to contact me!